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Riot Employee Caught Lying to Customer

Written on: April 25, 2013

Several months ago I was permanently banned from the League of Legends forums for making a point-by-point rebuttal to one of Riot Lyte's posts in which I explained why the concept of crowdsourcing is flawed. Don't believe me? Here is a link to the last couple of posts I made on the forum before the mysterious ban. My username is Xander756. A friend of mine also got permabanned from the forums around the same time. Oddly enough, it was also for making a post about Lyte. He made a post titled "The Story of Lyte" which simply linked to this image.

A few months ago, my friend submitted a support ticket to Riot about something that happened in-game. A Player Support Specialist named "Evil Evelynn" replied to him and told him that he should post his issue on the forums to try to get more help. He explained to her that he couldn't do this because he was permanently banned from posting. She said she would look into it (see image 1 below). A few days later, another Support Specialist by the name of "Sherom" replied to him saying that after a little bit of investigation, the ban had been lifted (see image 2).

Inspired by this, I decided to submit a ticket asking for my forum account to be unbanned as well. After all, my friend's post could legitimately be seen as insulting whereas mine was simply a point-by-point rebuttal of what Lyte claimed. If he got HIS ban lifted then getting mine lifted should be a no brainer. Maybe the ban was just a mistake considering the content of my posts did not break any of the rules listed on the Code of Conduct. Unless proving Lyte wrong is now against the rules.

At first, Sherom (he's the same guy that unbanned my friend) replied simply saying that I broke the rules but they could not tell me which rules for privacy reasons (see image 6). Since claiming to protect my own privacy from me made no sense, I pressed them about it. After nearly a MONTH of waiting, I finally got a reply from one of the Player BEHAVIOR Specialists named Riot Rhojin who claimed that once an account was banned on the forums, they do not lift the bans (see image 3). Oh really? Then why was my friend's ban on the forums lifted? When I pointed out the double standard and asked about it, the ticket was repeatedly closed without further reply. At the time of this writing, it has now been an entire month since I asked why my friend got unbanned on the forums if they do not lift forum bans (the date today is April 25th, 2013 and the last reply was March 25th).

The ticket has simply been closed and marked as "solved" six times without any answer (some required opening completely new "follow up" tickets while I replied to others multiple times to reopen it, see image 4). It has been over two months since I originally sent in this ticket (see image 5) without a satisfactory response. What kind of customer service keeps you waiting two months? Why does it take months for me to get a reply but it my friend had his ticket replied to within days (see date stamps on images 1 and 2)?

Wouldn't one think that the fact he has to lie about something would serve as a red flag that perhaps he is in the wrong?

Image 1
Riot Lied

Image 2
Riot Lied

Image 3
Riot Lied

Image 4
Riot Lied

Image 5
Riot Lied

Image 6
Riot Lied  


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